Wednesday, May 10, 2017

'TIPS for Productivity'

A press brake manufacturer practices what it preaches

Anyone who's actually done it knows that press brake setup is one of the most demanding tasks on the shop floor. Determining proper tonnage, K-factors and overbend amounts, optimizing tooling positions and gauging subsequent bends - these are just a few of the considerations that must be dealt with, never mind keeping one's fingers out of harm's way. 

The task is made even more difficult as demands on the shop floor increase. Customers expects smaller lot sizes and shorter lead times, but still want competitive pricing. The finance manager is asking for lower inventory costs and WIP levels. The quality manager wants predictable processes and zero scrap, while the production manager is pushing for the best OEE possible...

...Mr. Kip Hanson (senior editor) from Fabshop Magazine wrote an interesting article about about WILA and press brake productivity. Read the whole article that is published in Fabshop Magazine. 

'TIPS for Productivity'

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