Gunter Glocker | Monday, October 12, 2015

6 ways to boost your press brake productivity

Improved tool storage at the press brake, easier tool identification, fast tool loading/unloading (including heavy tools), and proper positioning of tooling in the press brake can make life easier for any press brake operator--experienced or not.

One of the main production constraints in fabrication shops continues to be the press brake. The greater use of highly flexible and productive laser cutting machines in an ever-increasing number of metal fabricating operations over the last decade has made this issue more and more glaring.

Long press brake setup times also prevent prompt delivery of parts to downstream operations, such as welding, finishing, and assembly, which may stretch out production times and threaten on-time deliveries. Various studies have shown that the average time in North America from the last finished part on a job on a press brake to the first good part on the next job is approximately 30 minutes. The physical setup of the press brake is the major component of this nonproductive time between completing one batch of parts and starting the next one....

Read the whole article that is published in the 'Fabricator'.

6 ways to boost your press brake productivity

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