International Sheet Metal Review | Wednesday, January 09, 2019

An eye on smart tooling

Tooling specialist, WILA, has made substancial investments in new capacity and smart tooling for the future. 

WILA showcased several innovations at this October's EuroBlech exhibition in Hanover that were perfectly aligned with the Industry 4.0. initiative and designed to maximise productivity for its customers. Many of them are based on its Tooling Identification and Positioning System (TIPS), an intelligent system that can be incorporated in the clamping system of press brakes. The WILA Tool Advisor is intelligent online software which helps users to design the best possible tools for specific bending applications. If a standard tool is not available to form the sheet part, users can immediately create a special tool and order it online. 

Along with a smart tooling app, new gripper technology and intelligent tooling developments, the Dutch tooling specialist had a lot to showcase at EuroBlech 2018. ISMR met Michiel Wensing, WILA's director of sales and marketing, to find out more... 

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Source: International Sheet Metal Review by Sara Weddington.

An eye on smart tooling

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