Monday, January 22, 2018

Avoid product deviations

Achieve ideal bending results 

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to the quality of end products. Automation and process optimization make it possible to meet such demands. This has major consequences for machine operators and how they deal with press brakes and the used tools. Perfect bending results cannot only be achieved through highly accurate operators; machines and tools must also be in alignment to avoid deviations in the end products.  What's the best way to achieve this? 

Correct deviations in the machine

Deviations in the end product are caused by horizontal and vertical tolerances during the bending process. Horizontal deviations (Tx) are caused by inaccuracies in the position of the centre line. This can cause inconsistencies in the product. Vertical deviations (Ty) are caused when top and bottom tools are not parallel. This leads to dimensional errors in end products. Excessive deviations in Tx or Ty direction can be problematic for follow-up treatments and cause products to be rejected. To resolve this, configuration possibilities need to be factored into the X and Y direction. 

WILA's advice

Use WILA Tool Holders (top and bottom) to easily correct (local) deviations and allow for very accurate bending processes to be achieved. Additionally, WILA crowning (to compensate for sagging press brakes) and tools can also be used to achieve perfect bending results. This will produce the most accurate end products possible.

Would you like to know more about WILA’s special clamping systems with configuration possibilities?

Feel free to contact our Technical Sales Engineers via 1(888)696-9452 or (443)459-5496 and they are happy to explain further our clamping and crowning systems. You can also check out the video:

Avoid product deviations

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