Sunday, September 07, 2014

EuroBlech 2014: Update Smart Tool Locator®

Update New Standard assortment
The Smart Tool Locator® is the perfect solution for improving Press Brake Productivity. The Smart Tool Locator® brings significant benefits in terms of speed, precision and convenience. Thanks to the intelligent slide rule with built-in LED's, it is now immediately visible where tools must be placed in the Tool Holder. The Smart Tool Locator® also indicates the exact bending position, allowing the operator to easily follow the bend sequence. This innovative tool greatly improves the ease and speed in which tools are changed.

Beginning on December 2014, the Smart Tool Locator® will be available with all hydraulic New Standard Tool Holders as well as many of our American Style Clammping Systems and Bottom Tool Holders.
EuroBlech 2014: Update Smart Tool Locator®

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