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Flattening tools (often called Hemming or Dutch bending tools) are used to pre-bend the sheet and then press it closed. This technique can be used to finish the sharp edges on the ends of a sheet or to reinforce the sheet and thus strengthen the bent product.

WILA's flattening tools

A variety of tools in the WILA program can be used to perform this bending operation. Using the New Standard top tools type BIU-051 combined with bottom tool type OZU-083, a flattening combination can be created that can be used for both pre-bending and flattening (see also page 99-101 in the catalog). An advantage is that this tool can also be used for universal bending.

Another option that WILA offers is the spring-action flattening tool, consisting of a holder with a spring-action flattening part(type DDU). When combined with a 28⁰ top tool, the sheet can be pre-bent and then hemmed. There are models with V-openings of 6, 10, and 12 mm to suit various material sheet thickness. See also page 102 in the catalog for the different types of spring-action flattening tools, type DDU.

A third option that WILA offers is a modern version of the spring-action bending tool: The hydraulic Dutch bending tool (type DD). The pressing part is powered by hydraulic cylinders incorporated in the tool. When the tool is inactive, it is in a closed position, and simultaneously serves as a tool holder. Different bottom tools can be placed in the top of the flattening part, making it possible to adjust the size of the V-opening as desired. You can also find the different hydraulic Dutch bending tools (DD) on page 98 in the catalog.

More information

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