Grow through it

Adversity is an inescapable part of both life and business. Whenever we face it, we must make a choice. We can either hunker down and hope to weather the storm, or we can rise to the occasion, use it as an opportunity for growth, and come out stronger on the other end.

2020 has turned our sense of normal on its head. Businesses all over the world are now faced with the choices they will need to make to overcome the current challenges. At WILA, we asked ourselves what it will take for us to grow through this and how we can come out the other side better fit for the future and ready to support our customers in their own growth.

We’ve identified just a few of the traits that we feel will help us all recover from this crisis and have addressed how we plan to integrate these traits into our own strategy. Below you will find just some of the actions we are taking to adapt to and overcome the challenges surrounding the COVID-19 crisis.


Above all else, growing through adversity requires perseverance. The will to push forward is vital in overcoming the challenges that lay ahead of us. The durability of WILA tooling embodies grit and determination. Our proprietary CNC-Deephardening® process means you can rely on WILA tools to retain their accuracy for years to come.

But we won’t just rest on the laurels of high quality, durable tooling. The commitments outlined in this action plan serve as a testament to WILA’s dedication to our customers, partners, employees, and the sheet metal industry at large.


In order to overcome and grow through challenges, we must maintain trust in ourselves, our key relationships, and our potential. WILA remains confident in the strength and resilience of our industry and its future. That’s why we’re continuing to invest in both our production and inventory capacities. We want to ensure that when you’re ready to take the next steps for your business, we’re prepared to support you every step of the way. So, what are we doing now?

  • We continue to move forward with our plan to open a second production facility in the Netherlands by the end of 2020. The new facility will be dedicated solely to the production of WILA tooling. Once opened, this will help us get tools out the door faster and better respond to custom and/or made-to-order requests.
  • In the meantime, we're continuing to produce tooling at 100% capacity. We're using any temporary slowdown to examine ways to better utilize our warehouse space and increase USA stock levels so that we can recover, we are better prepared than ever.


Keeping our distance doesn't mean we can't stay connected. WILA offers a variety of tools to better integrate your business efforts. Here are just some of the ways WILA can help you stay connected:
  • WILA Webshop - Place orders, request quotes, check stock availability, and receive pricing and lead times instantly in the WILA Webshop for all standard products.
  • Tool Advisor - Instantly receive tool recommendations anytime, anywhere based on your part profile.
  • In putting new tool data has never been easier! WILA's Smart Tooling App allows you to quickly scan a DM code on your WILA New Standard tooling and share the tool data (i.e., .dxf file) all from your smart phone.
  • Need applications support? Looking for guidance on product maintenance or set-up? Have a bending challenge? Reach out to us, and set up a remote session with a WILA applications engineer free of charge. Email your WILA rep or for more information.


There's never been a better time to brush up on old skills or learn new ones, and WILA is here to help. In 2019, WILA announced the WILA Academy, a collection of resources and training materials designed to help our partners improve their bending and WILA product knowledge. While our training facility may be closed to outside visitors for the time being, you can take advantage of all of these resources online.


New challenges require new and innovative solutions. With a history dating back to 1932, WILA is an industry leader and continues to find creative solutions to our customers’ most challenging bending needs. WILA innovations like the Safety-Click® have changed the course of the press brake tooling industry. As always, WILA is committed to finding creative solutions to the challenges we face today, and we continue to introduce new products to the market. Check out our latest products in our 2020 Catalog Addendum.


Whether it’s a bottom line or the people who help you achieve it, we all have something to protect. As one of our five core values, WILA has always placed a particular emphasis on the safety of our products. Although social distancing isn’t what we had in mind when it was designed, the WILA product range is optimized for safe and efficient single-operator use, so you can prioritize safety and productivity.

Grow through it

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