Hydraulic Power Pack

Clamping system for perfect flexibility

WILA offers hydraulic power packs for all hydraulic New-Standard-beeldmerk and American Style Tool Holders. They can be fitted with an optional remote control or can be controlled via the control on the press brake. If tooling changes are seldomly done, it is also possible to use a low cost hand-operated pump to activate our  clamping systems.

  • Hydraulic clamping system for maximum speed and long term reliability
  • Suitable for all press brakes
  • Automatic or manual controls
  • Also available with hand-operated pump

More information
Would you like information regarding our Hydraulic Power Packs? We will be pleased to assist you. Please contact us at 443-459-5496 or by  e-mail at info@wilausa.com

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Hydraulic Power Pack

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