Monday, December 18, 2017

Prevent product rejections

Smart press brake technology reduces errors

The production processes in manufacturing all always evolving.  The need for greater flexibility to accommodate for smaller batch sizes and specialty parts have become common place in today’s market.  These factors combined with less skilled operators, result in rejected parts, reduced productivity, and higher costs.  What can be done to overcome these business challenges?

Train machine operators

Machine operators must place tools inside machines before starting production. This is accomplished by retrieving information from the bending program in the press brake controls. This program shows the position in which tools must be placed. The scale on the press brake is the only thing that offers some positioning guidance. After each tool, operators must look in the bending program to see where the next tools must be placed. This is quite time-consuming job and errors can be easily made. 

Although training machine operators can reduce errors, it will not help to eliminate them. This process takes a lot of time and is costly. Additionally, when an operator leaves the company, the knowledge base and expertise leaves with them.

WILA's advice

You can help operators to position tools correctly by adding smart technology to your press brake. The WILA Smart Tool Locator®  has been developed to create error-free tool set-ups. The Smart Tool Locator® consists of a scale with built-in LED lighting, and visually indicates where tools must be placed. It then individually shows each bending activity, so operators can easily perform all required activities. The benefits are significant increases in speed, precision and efficiency.

Would you like to know more about the Smart Tool Locator®?

Curious about whether the Smart Tool Locator® is suitable for your press brake? We will be pleased to assist you. So please contact us by calling 1(888)696-9452 or sending an e-mail to  

Prevent product rejections

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