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Innovations EuroBlech 2014!
EuroBlech 2014: E2M® (Easy to Move)
EuroBlech 2014: Update Smart Tool Locator®
Renovation Factory Headquarter
Renewed Showroom Headquarter
ToolStation in two versions
Bending and Flattening without changing tools
Fabtech 2014!
A close look at WILA's Crowning System
Premium Supplier Status
WILA's E2M® system nominated for MM MaschinenMarkt/Blechnet Innovation Award
Winners E2M®-competition EuroBlech 2014!
Crowning update: V-Lock® functionalitiy
Clamping update: Universal hydraulic connection
Clamping update: Guards
Clamping update: Cover strips and rulers
Crowning update: CRM 7 and CRM 14
Product update: TIPS (Tooling Identification and Positioning System)
Product update: New Standard Pneumatic Tool Holders
Catalog completely updated
Crowning update: Universal hydraulic connection
Crowning update: Cover strips and rulers
Crowning update: Guards
Crowning update: Standardization New Standard Premium Crowning table (NSCR-II)
Case Study: Running with Robots
Lighten the Load of Dealing With Heavy Press Brake Tooling
6 ways to boost your press brake productivity
WILA USA launches webshop for Tooling
WILA at EuroBlech & Fabtech 2016
WILA presents online software tool at Fabtech
New solutions help solve the age-old challenge of eliminating die marks on metal materials when using a press brake
How adjustable V dies streamline plate bending
WILA launches Tool Advisor: Fast and easy online tool advice!
Fabtech Monterrey, Mexico
'TIPS for Productivity'
WILA Tool Advisor: Designing a special tool
WILA innovations during Fabtech
Trending towards special bending
Smart setup
Company closure Christmas period
Product news: Extra safety provided with our heavy New Standard bottom tools
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A. New Standard Tool Holders provided with Guards.
C. Tool Holders suitable for New Standard and American Style top tools equipped with: Safety-Clicks®, Safety-Pins or E2M®.
B. WILA Clamping System suitable for head and shoulder bearing New Standard or American Style punches.
E. New Standard Premium, Pro, American Style and American Vintage Tooling are reversible.
F. WILA New Standard bottom tools provided with V-Lock®.
G. WILA's Clamping System suitable for 'Shoulder-loading' tooling.
D. New Standard Tool Holders available with Smart Tool Locator® (STL).
H. Tool alignment along Tx (and Ty) axis.

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