Monday, March 26, 2018

Smaller series; more complex products

How automation can make you more competitive 

The press brake industry is changing. Large series of identical products are making way for smaller series of increasingly complex products. It is becoming more and more important to change tools quickly and accurately. After all, long set-up times directly reduce productivity and profitability. How do you make sure you remain competitive in this rapidly changing market?

- Invest in professionalism

Besides speed and flexibility, professionalism within an organization also plays an important role in the quality of the production process. Well qualified and experienced employees, who can be assigned to several positions, make factory processes more flexible and make it easier to meet deadlines. However, qualified professionals are scarce and increasingly difficult to find. 

- Invest in automation

When robotics and automatic tool changing are utilized, human interaction is no longer needed when preparing press brakes for the next product. Configuration times are reduced drastically and machines can be deployed universally. Reliance on human interaction is decreasing, which is helping to improve the quality and predictability of production processes.

WILA's advice

Opt for automatic tool changes! Although this means also investing in a robot, both investments will quickly pay for themselves because set-up times will be significantly reduced. WILA has specially developed the ATC-G7 Gripper for automatic tool changes. When combined with a robot, this gripper means tools can be changed automatically, even when bending a short series of sheet parts in a variety of configurations. This helps to significantly improve speed and flexibility, thereby allowing parts to be produced more timely and efficiently.

Want to know if the ATC-G7 Gripper is suitable for your company?

Please contact our Technical Sales Engineers via or 443-459-5496. They will be pleased to assist you. 

Watch the video to see how the ATC-G7 Gripper works:

Smaller series; more complex products

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