New Standardƒ Tool Holders

Perfect match with all tools

New Standard Tool Holders (Clamping, Crowning and Bottom Tool Holders) make it possible to change tools very quickly. When combined with our state of the art New Standard or American Style Tooling, they also provide maximum accuracy, flexibility, durability and safety. Award-winning innovations like Safety-Click®, Smart Tool Locator® and the WILA E2M® (Easy to Move) system also make changing even the heaviest tools easier and safer. 

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New Standardƒ and American Style Clamping Systems

Innovative and super-fast clamping systems for clamping punches to the upper beams of press brakes. The Universal Press Brake Concept (UPB) makes it possible install New Standard and American Style Clamping Systems on any press brake.  The advantages: Extremely fast press brake tooling changesMaximum control of vertical tolerances during the bending process (Tx- axis alignment)Extremely accurate clamping, positioning and alignmentIndividual clamping pins for each tool segment for superior ...

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New Standardƒ Crowning

WILA Crowning systems fully compensate for the deflection in press brakes. This results in a consistent bending angle across the entire length of the machine. WILA New Standard Crowning Systems utilize a series of patented adjustable wedges known as Wila Waves.Eliminate press brake tolerances: Tx- and Ty axisThe accuracy of the bending process is determined by the tolerances along the Ty and Tx axis: vertical and horizontal axis. The Ty axis value is decisive in determining the parallelism ...

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