Tooling Gripper

Automatic tool changes are becoming increasingly popular in the world of press brakes. WILA has developed the ATC Gripper concept to keep pace with this evolution. This Gripper offers many advantages when robots are used to perform automatic tool changes. 

The advantages

1. Vertical tools changes (instead of horizontal)
This vertical change option means you are free to decide how tools should be stored. Storage immediately next to the press brake is no longer necessary.

2. Pneumatically operated Safety-Click®.
Because the Safety-Click® in WILA tools is operated pneumatically, tools can be picked up by the ATC Gripper from the front as well as the back. In addition, several Safety-Clicks® can be operated simultaneously within a single tool (100mm / 3.937" – 255mm / 10.039"). 

3. Changing small components. 
The ATC Gripper can also be used to change tools as short as 20mm / 0.787". 

4. Universally applicable. 
We are supplying this component (ATC Gripper) because it is compatible with all systems. There is no need to make modifications to the robot. 

5. Flexible. 
The front part of the ATC Gripper is flexible. The Gripper searches for the ‘picking point’ all by itself. This reduces the likelihood of the robot missing the tool. 

Our ATC Gripper is assessed continuously and improved wherever necessary. For instance, an extra sensor has been incorporated. Two sensors are more effective at determining whether tools are being picked up. A third sensor determines if they are being picked up at the required position. Furthermore, a small suspension package has been added to make the front of the Gripper even more flexible. This means the robot is less likely to miss the tool. 

More information

Are you interested in the ATC Gripper? Then please read more in the Catalog. You can also contact us by phone 443-459-5496.

Tooling Gripper

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