WILA USA launches webshop for Tooling

To offer customers even better service, WILA has launched, besides the European webshop an intuitive webshop for its tools especially for the American market. This Webshop features a comprehensive overview of New Standard and American Style top and bottom tools. The Webshop can also be used to directly request quotes, check the latest prices, find delivery times and also place orders. The Webshop also features a lot of relevant product information about Tool Holders.


Customers have to complete a one-off registration process on the Webshop in order to request a quote or place an order. The 'Authorized Service Partners' selected by WILA will be displayed during your registration. WILA places great emphasis on collaborating with these local service partners so it can offer the customer the best possible support. This means you will always have a direct point of contact in your region, while simply placing your orders online. Product delivery, as well as billing, will be carried out directly by WILA. These online possibilities, and collaboration with our Authorized Service Partners, help to reduce response times and speed up the logistical process.

Once registration has been completed, it will immediately be possible to request quotes, check delivery times and place orders. The customer must select a definitive Authorized Service Partner when placing the order. If applicable, it will also be possible to activate a promotion code or voucher via the Authorized Service Partner.

Authorized Service Partners are already available in many countries. In time, more and more new Partners will be added worldwide. End users can simply opt for an Authorized Service Partner in countries where WILA is not yet active or has insufficient coverage. These partners will always be assessed by WILA.


The launch of the Webshop is perfectly compatible with Smart Industry developments. Our e-commerce model ensures that the whole supply chain, from production process to end user, is fully digital and paper-free. The process has also become shorter because quotes can be requested without intervention from WILA, and products can be ordered directly via the Webshop. This new automated feature helps to drastically reduce response times and immediately informs you about the latest developments.

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WILA USA launches webshop for Tooling

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