Wednesday, September 27, 2017

WILA innovations during Fabtech

Aside from its wide range of Tooling, Crowning systems and Clamping systems, WILA will showcase several other innovations at Fabtech (November 6-9, Chicago) that are perfectly aligned with the Industry 4.0 initiative. WILA’s Tooling Identification and Positioning System (TIPS) is an intelligent system that can be incorporated in the clamping system of press brakes. Built-in electronics in the clamping system communicates with tools via an ID tag. The ID tag contains all of the key specifications of each particular tool. Users can thereby easily locate and determine if the correct tools have been selected for the bending program and whether they are in the correct position in the press brake. This new technology will enable you to maximize the productivity of your press brake and also makes programming for automation much simpler. WILA will be giving an interactive demonstration of this system during the exhibition. 

Besides these innovations, the WILA Webshop makes sure the supply chain is digitalized from the very outset. With this e-commerce tool, the whole process - from the customer's initial request for a quote to the production process at WILA - becomes paper-free. This improved electronic automation speeds up the process, minimizes manual actions and reduces the likelihood of errors. The WILA Tool Advisor, which is our intelligent online software, also helps users to design the best possible tools for specific bending applications. If a standard tool is not available to form the sheet part, users can immediately create a special tool and order it online. 

We look forward to seeing you at our booth during Fabtech and we will be pleased to demonstrate our newest innovations. You can find us at WILA Booth A2838. 
WILA innovations during Fabtech

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