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Press Brake Productivity Letter 2014-II


This newsletter will inform you about the latest innovations and events at Wila.

Techni-Show great succes for E2M® and Smart Tool Locator

The latest Wila innovations, which were showcased during the Techni-Show in March in the Netherlands, have certainly not gone unnoticed. Many customers were interested in our products during the trade fair, which included the E2M® system and the Smart Tool Locator. 

Our innovations also attracted the attention from the judges at the Techni-Show Innovation Awards, where the Smart Tool Locator was recognized as an Innovator, and the E2M® system was crowned with the Platinum Techni-Show Innovation Award. This is the highest award given at the entire exhibition for new innovative products in the metal industry!

More information E2M® and Smart Tool Locator

ToolStation in two versions

The Press Brake Productivity ToolStation will be available in two versions from now on. Both ToolStations have been developed to safely change and store New Standard tools. The 'HD' version has been developed for safely changing and storing heavy and large tools and is designed for use with the NSCL-HD-HC Heavy Duty Clamping. The regular version is ideal for smaller tools and is designed for use with the NSCL-II-HC Premium Clamping system. Both models make it possible to quickly change tools, and both versions also improve ergonomics for the operator. 

Further information about the Press Brake Productivity ToolStation can be found in our Wila Tool Storage Systems brochure.

Brochure ToolStation

Renewed Showroom

Wila continuously invests in the development and optimization of (new) products. If you want to remain abreast of the latest developments, you can also discover our products by visiting our showroom at the factory. 

The showroom has now been fully renewed so our latest innovations can be put in the spotlight! For example, we are now demonstrating the Smart Tool Locator and the E2M® system in completely new surroundings.

We Live Press Brake Productivity!

Greater productivity per m3
In order to support our vision, we do more than simply develop and optimize our (new) products. We also strive to maximize productivity on a variety of fronts. 

For instance, we are currently working to improve productivity per m3 in our production areas. This involves altering the layout and purpose of several areas, so that machines and space can be exploited more efficiently and more intensively. These changes will allow us to be even more flexible and productive in order to give greater service to our customers.

PBP Quick Start flyer in over 20 languages!

To improve the convenience offered by our products even further, from now on your tools will be accompanied by our Quick Start flyer. This flyer tells you how Wila tools should be used in combination with Wila Clamping or Crowning systems. 

The standard Quick Start flyer will be in English. However, if you prefer the Quick Start flyer in your own language, you can quickly access it in over 20 languages via our website!


Wila Quick Start