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Press Brake Productivity Sales Info Bulletin Nr. I-2014


The Applications Engineering Team


Our new Applications Engineer: Donald Vander Wall

We are pleased to announce that Donald Vander Wall has joined Wila USA as Applications Engineer. Donald comes to Wila with 15 years of experience in press brake tooling design and manufacturing with particular emphasis in developing special press brake tooling solutions to meet customer’s more challenging part bending applications. Donald has a degree in Mechanical Design and Drafting/CAD. He will be based out of Chicago office and will thereby be an especially important resource for our Midwest customers.

Applications Engineering Assistance

To receive applications engineering assistance, please e-mail your part drawing file or your bending application question to request@wilausa.com. Please see the link below for the required part drawing format and information needed in order to do a proper engineering review. We really prefer the part drawing in an electronic format, DXF or Solidworks, so that the part file does not have to be redrawn. Please also be sure the file includes complete material type and thickness information and the file includes bend lines. Also, please specify tooling style needed and details on the press brake the part(s) will be formed on.


If all needed information is provided, our goal is to respond to your application review request within the following time frame:
1 – 2 part drawings or bending question: within 24 hours
3 – 5 part drawings: within 48 hours
6 – 10 part drawings: within 72 hours 


To contact our application engineers directly for discussion on your bending application, you can contact:
Stephen Whiteley – direct phone: 443-459-5505

e-mail: swhiteley@wilausa.com
Gonzalo Cabrera – direct phone: 443-459-5500

e-mail: gcabrera@wilausa.com
Donald Vander Wall – direct phone: 443-459-5498

e-mail: dvanderwall@wilausa.com


We look forward to working with you to improve press brake productivity!

Required part drawing format