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Press Brake Productivity Sales Info Bulletin 2015-II: A3/G3


Dear customer,

To continuously offer added value to our products, we are always trying to design new products and improve existing ones. One of these product improvements involves the A3-G3 clamping bar. The A3-G3 supersedes the A3-G2 clamping bar and helps to extend the life of the hydraulic hose. The differences between the two types of clamping bars have been explained below.


Product update: A3-G3

In order to extend the life of the hose, the hydraulic coupling on the A3-G3 is connected differently than on the the A3-G2 (see photos). The top edges of the A3-G3 clamping bar have been fitted with an extra fastening profile and two extra bolts, which has made the hose coupling more stable. In addition, a clamping pin has also been removed from both sides of the clamping bar; WILA tools can be clamped just as effectively as before. However, this change in the construction technique means that the total length has been increased by 6.5mm on both ends. 

A3-G2 hydraulic coupling                                         A3-G2 bleeder valve

A3-G3 hydraulic coupling                                         A3-G3 bleeder valve

The type of hydraulic coupling remains the same. The A3-G3 clamping bar is designed so that the hydraulic coupling can be placed on the left or right-hand side. Please note: the desired hydraulic connection side must still be specified in advance! 

If you would like more (technical) information about the A3-G3 clamping bar, please feel free to contact our specialists via +31(0)573 289 850 or info@wila.nl. The latest user manuals can be downloaded via the WILA Brand portal.

Technical drawing difference A3-G2 / A3-G3
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