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Press Brake Productivity Letter: WILA at Fabtech


This Productivity Bulletin will inform you about WILA's revolutionary developments in the field of tooling software which will be shown at Fabtech in Las Vegas (November 16 – 18, 2016) Booth C30094.


Innovation: WILA Tool Advisor

Perfect press brake tools selected, designed and ordered online.

The WILA Tool Advisor is a unique feature in the Webshop. The intelligent software makes it possible to easily resolve bending issues and immediately receive online advice about appropriate WILA press brake tools. This is our way of supporting the engineering processes of our customers. 

Press brake and sheet material specifications can be entered into the Tool Advisor in advance. These specifications are used by the Tool Advisor to select appropriate standard tools or offer the opportunity to personally design a special tool. Also, the required part profile can be quickly and easily drawn in 2D and the Tool Advisor will select appropriate tools for the profile or allow the design of needed special tools. Price and delivery time are shown immediately (also for specials) and it is also possible to place an order. 

The Tool Advisor will be launched January 2017 in the USA.

Innovation: Automation

When capital investment is high, productivity must increase for acceptable Return On Investment (ROI). Critical factors are, for example: flexibility, complexity and change-over times because of the wide variety of products, low volume per batch and the complexity of number of bends per product. Furthermore, it's important to control the process throughout. 

WILA makes it possible to bend small batches of various products fully automatically with the Automated Tool Change (ATC)-Gripper, ATC Tooling and Storage System. In combination with WILA's Tooling Identification and Positioning System (TIPS)* the tooling set-up in the press brake is no longer the limiting factor in the variety of parts that can be formed entirely unmanned.

During Fabtech you can find this complete set-up at our stand.  

*TIPS is an integrated part of the press brake control system, and helps to identify tools and to continuously read their position, both in the machine as well as in the storage system. 

Innovation: Webshop

WILA's Webshop is now available https://webshop.wilausa.com. The Webshop features a comprehensive overview of standard top and bottom tools and accessories. The Webshop can also be used to request quotes, place orders, check pricing and real time inventory availability.

This Webshop collaborates closely with our Authorized Service Partners, who are selected via a registration process. WILA places great emphasis on collaborating with these local service partners so they can offer you the best possible support. This means you will always have a direct point of contact in your region, while having the possibility to place your orders online. These online possibilities, along with local support from our Authorized Service Partners, help to reduce response times and speed up the logistical process, while continuing to maintain trusted relationships.

WILA Tool Advisor, Webshop and TIPS are just the newest innovations to help our customers reduce their costs. Visit WILA at our Fabtech Booth C30094 for a demonstration of these new innovations.

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