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Press Brake Productivity Sales Info Bulletin: Product Updates


In this newsletter we would like to inform you about WILA's latest product updates. These products were first introduced at the EuroBlech and Fabtech exhibitions and they are currently being phased into our production. Below you can read more details about WILA's product innovations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 443-459-5496 or info@wilausa.com.

Product Update: V-Lock®

V-Lock® makes it possible to further improve bottom tool clamping and alignment. A groove at the back of the tool tang is used to automatically align dies in X and Y directions, and to firmly clamp them in place.

In January, we started to incorporate the V-Lock® groove into all appropriate dies. Because our products are in stock, a mixture of dies with and without the V-Lock® groove will be supplied for some time. 

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Product update: Universal hydraulic connection

As of 1 March, all upper Tool Holders (Clamping) featuring hydraulic clamping will be equipped with a factory-installed universal hydraulic connection (Crowning: 1 April) . Therefore, you will no longer have to select the required hydraulic connection when placing your order.

Tool Holders featuring hydraulic clamping (Clamping) for punches can be connected on the left or right-hand side using a linear ball screw (also supplied), facing upwards or backwards.

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Product update: Guards

As of 1 March, upper Tool Holders (Clamping) will feature a factory-installed Guard as standard (Crowning: 1 April). Tool Holders in the New Standard Premium range will feature hardened metal Guards with a thickness of approx. 25 mm. Tool Holders in the New Standard Pro or American Style range will feature hardened plastic Guards with a thickness of approx. 15 mm.

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Product update: Cover strips and rulers

As of 1 March, all upper Tool Holders (Clamping) featuring hydraulic clamping will be fitted with slightly modified Cover strips and rulers (Crowning: 1 April). They will look the same as Cover strips and rulers with STL® Smart Tool Locator. The larger size will help to significantly improve legibility of the ruler.

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Product update: CRM 7

The CRM 7 CNC drive motor makes it possible to horizontally slide in and remove dies from both ends of the crowning system. The CRM 7 motor is installed on the right-hand side of the Crowning system as standard. 

The CRM 7 is already in production and will be delivered as standard with New Standard Pro Crowning (NSCR-I). This applies to all lengths up to 4,250 mm (14 FT). Longer Crowning lengths will be outfitted with the existing WILA MS 12 motor. The CRM 7 CNC Motor is currently available in 400V 50 Hz and 460V 60 Hz voltages; other voltages require the existing MS 12 motor. 

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We are convinced that the updates described above improve the functionality and performance of our products even further to improve your Press Brake Productivity. 

If you would like more technical information, please contact our specialists by phoning 443-459-5496 or sending an e-mail to info@wilausa.com. Current manuals can be downloaded from the WILA Brand Portal.