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Crowning update December 2015


In this newsletter we would like to inform you about WILA's product updates regarding the Crowning system. The WILA Crowning will be executed according to the following standard:


V-Lock® functionality

The V-Lock® functionality is incorporated into the Crowning system (with Hydraulic Clamping) through special designed clamping pins. The V-Lock® makes it possible to further improve the positioning of bottom tools. A groove at the back of the tool is used to automatically align bottom tools and firmly clamp them in place. This prevents tools from being lifted during the bending process. 

Existing bottom tools without V-Lock® functionality can also be used on this Crowning system. 

Universal hydraulic connection

The Crowning features a universal hydraulic connection. The Crowning system can be connected to a Hydro-unit on the left or right-hand side using a backward-facing (supplied) banjo coupling.

Cover strips and rulers

The Crowning with Hydraulic Clamping now features slightly modified Cover strips and rulers. They look identical to Cover strips and rulers accompanying the Smart Tool Locator®. This helps to significantly improve legibility.


All versions of the Crowning system features Guards. For Premium Crowning systems these Guards will be made from hardened steel and are ca. 25 mm thick. The Guards in Pro and American Style versions will be made from hardened plastic and are ca. 15 mm thick. 

Guards for Easy to Move® (E2M®)
For a small additional fee, the Crowning can be supplied with 'E2M Guards' featuring a clamping device. In all cases, these Guards will be made from hardened steel and have a thickness of ca. 25 mm. 

Motors: CRM 7 & CRM 14

The CRM 7-driven Crowning (see photo on left) makes it possible to horizontally insert and remove bottom tools from both sides. The CRM 7 is installed on the right-hand side of the Crowning as standard. This motor is fitted on all New Standard Pro Crowning (NSCR-I) with a length up to 4,250 mm. The existing CRM 12 will be used for lengths in excess of 4,250 mm. 

The CRM 7 motor is available in the following voltages (EU: 400V/50Hz, 230V/50Hz) (Optionally, Pro Crowning systems can also be fitted with the CRM 14-K motor, mounted at the side. Please see section 'CRM 14-K' below). 

CRM 14
The CRM 14 is a tubular motor that is standard on all New Standard Premium Crowning (NSCR-II) with a length up to 6,120 mm. The existing CRM 12 will be used for lengths in excess of 6,120 mm. This motor also remains available (optional)  for shorter lengths.

The main benefit of this CMR 14 motor is, besides better accuracy and higher speed, the ability to implement an angle measuring system. Rails can be placed at the front as well as the back. The CRM 14 is available in two different options: CRM 14-I and CRM 14-K. 

CRM 14-I
The CRM 14-I tubular motor is built into the lower beam if a minimum width of 90 mm is available. The main benefit of this integrated motor (CRM 14-I) is that it is located entirely inside or under the lower beam, thus offering perfect bending freedom at both edges. In the same way as the above mentioned CRM 7 motor, it is also possible to insert and remove tools horizontally from both sides. The CRM 14-I motor is available in the following voltage 400 V-50 Hz.

CRM 14-K
The CRM 14-K tubular motor is built at the right side of the table. It will still be possible to insert and remove tools horizontally in this version. The CRM 14-K is available in the following voltage 
400 V-50 Hz.

Standardization New Standard Premium Crowning table (NSCR-II)

To improve the usability of our Premium Crowning (see using the CRM 14 motors) the implementation of the NSCR-II table will be changed. Therefore, the table will now be hardened in length instead of the modules used before. The functionality, dimensions and features such as Smart Tool Locator®, Easy to Move® and UPB-pattern remain unchanged.

Factsheet motors

Motor CRM
Built-in? No No  No  Yes
Tools horizontal? CR-I No Yes Yes Yes 
Tools horizontal? CR-II No n/a Yes  Yes 
Possible to use lineair Angle measurement system? No No Yes  Yes
Use together with E-Brake? No No Yes Yes
Minimum lower beam width n/a n/a n/a 90 mm
Speed (mm/s)  4,7 3,3 7,7 7,7
Operating time (10°C-30°C) S3-40% S3-30%  S3-40% S3-40%
Reading Potentio
Plug Yes No No No
Brake Yes No Yes Yes
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